The importance of quality materials matters.

When going caravaning or camping one of the key things that the traveler needs is, protection against the elements. To underestimate the value of a high quality industrial fabric which will probably be waterproof canvas, Polyethylene or PVC fabric is to potentially lead to a problem during your holiday.

Let’s take a closer look at these fabrics:

1. Australian made waterproof canvas

This fabric has been manufactured and sold for generations and is arguably the best quality canvas in the world. Designed to be breathable and long-lasting it is an ideal product for larger camping tents and caravan annexes as well as pop-up camper trailers. With a base cloth that is generally made from a polyester/cotton blend of yarn, the fabric is made in a variety of weights from around 350 gsm (grams per square metre) to around 600 gsm. The special chemical finishes used to complete the fabric are designed to allow for the fabric to breathe while allowing you to stay ‘bone dry’ even under fairly extreme weather conditions outside. There are also mould and mildew inhibitors in the formulation which means that when you dry the fabric out and store it away it will be ready to go as good as new when you undertake your next holiday away.

2. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

When it comes to caravan or camping fabric then PVC is seen everywhere – particularly when you are spending time in a caravan park or on a long-distance sojourn. Usually, the PVC is comprised of a polyester base fabric which is then coated or laminated with a PVC layer on top and bottom. These PVC fabrics are particularly popular for caravan awnings and annexe walls. Being totally synthetic they are easy to clean as they are impregnated with additives to make them even more resilient to mould and mildew as long as they are stored dry. PVC products also come in a large variety of colours and designs and these days caravan annexe walls can be printed on either a solid substrate or a mesh which still allows excellent sun and rain protection as well as allowing for airflow.

3. Other textiles

There are also a variety of other fabrics that are used in the caravan and camping space including polyethylene for floors, woven and coated nylons for tent flys and covers as well as various types of PVC coated mesh fabrics for windows and door flaps. Of course, if a small or medium size tarpaulin is required on your journey then this can be manufactured from a number of the above-mentioned textiles.

The final piece of the puzzle is to ask questions about the products you are buying or having made. It is most often the hidden things that are needed to make sure that your caravan or camping fabric will ‘go the distance’. In the harsh Australian weather conditions, it is critical that the fabric that you are depending on for protection is one that has been manufactured with the quality required to perform in our climate. Cheap products that are sold to consumers most often do not have the chemical formulation required for the product to last for many years.

What will perform in other parts of the world will not necessarily perform very well here in our tough Australian climate. If a fabric is cheap then there is a good reason for that and that it is probably not quite up to the standard required. Products that have stood the test of time and that have been produced and sold into the Australian market for many years have done so for a reason and that should not be underestimated.

Most people look forward to their holidays away and being out in the elements is one of the pure joys for many people. You do not want your holiday ruined when your protection does not perform as you desire. Caravan and camping fabrics made and used for Australian conditions will always give you a great experience.



Having a properly made Sandpit Cover is a must have for all Centers and Schools wanting to comply with government regulations. A quality Marson Industries Sandpit Cover will provide you with guaranteed protection against animals and debris from soiling your sand.

It is important to use a non-waterproof mesh for Sandpit Covers as a waterproof cover is not allowed. This is due to rain water pooling on top of the cover, becoming a drowning hazard for your children.

What type of material…..?  There really is only one choice, TITAN SAND MESH. This highly specialised material is guaranteed non-shrink and is currently used by hundreds of Australian Kinders, Childcare Centers and Schools.

Unlike Shadecloth (which shrinks), Titan Sand Mesh wont shrink leaving you with a cover that doesn’t fit. Sand Mesh is fully UV treated for the harsh Australian climate and comes with an added FR (Fire Retardant) additive.

Don’t risk it with a cheaply made shadecloth sandpit cover, Invest in a quality Titan Sand-Mesh Cover!

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Bunker Tarps – Check out these specials currently available !!

Cheap Grain Bunker Tarps / Second Hand Bunker Tarps…

With Harvest time quickly approaching, we are always asked about second hand bunker tarps. Truth is, the majority of second hand or third hand bunker tarps and covers that are on the market are riddled with holes and tears making them unreliable for covering grains. To many holes creates problems with vermin entering the bunker and contaminating the grain and allowing rain water to leak through and creating huge problems with your valuable commodity. Generally, it is more cost effective in the long term to purchase a cover that will guarantee you full grain bunker protection, and this doesn’t have to be expensive. Currently, we have some stock sizes of bunker Tarps – ready to be delivered anywhere in Australia.
40m x 20m (Canvacon 7000e) $3200 + GST , 20m x 16m (Landmark 340GSM) 1$1250 + GST, 32m x 20m (Canvacon 5000q 245GSM) $2368 + GST, 32m x 20m (Canvacon 7000) $2750 + GST, 42m x 20m (Canvacon 7000e/306GSM) $3360 + GST….   plus we are constantly manufacturing more everyday.
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Spill Containment Bund.

Spill Containment Bunds made from XR5 and other industrial materials is a highly specialised product that requires precise manufacturing techniques to ensure 100% leak-free containment.

There are numerous companies selling these types of spill containment bunds, but many are made very cheaply and will not provide adequate containment when a spill occurs.

The Marson Industries range of Australian made spill bunds are used throughout Australia extensively plus we currently export these to many other companies around the world such as: Iraq, EAU, Scotland, PNG and Saudi Arabia.  Marson Industries are a preferred supplier of spill bunds due to our proven reliability and our 50 years of manufacturing excellence.   Our bunds feature a 3 way triangulated brace system that offers extreme reliability – most other bunds on the market are only offering a 2 brace which is considered unreliable. Our containment bunds have been perfected over the years to provide you with a product that will protect you and your company from environmental contamination.

From Roll Form / Raw material

To Finished Manufactured Product: (15m x 3.6m x .350mm Bund)

Rolled and ready for deployment:



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Canvacon Stockpile Covers – 12,500 Square Meters


This project which required 12,500 square meters of stockpile tarps was fabricated in record time by our guys here this week for an application in regional Victoria. The Tarps are being used to cover and contain excavated dirt for a construction site.

Here at Marson Industries we like to support Australian made materials, so we presented our client with Canvacon 5000 Polyethylene – 240GSM, which met their requirements and budget. Canvacon has been a proven product for many years due to its high strength and UV resistance.

All joins in the Canvacon material are 50mm wide for maximum adhesion strength.

Each stockpile cover is concertina folded and rolled for quick and easy deployment in the field – with minimum workers required.

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