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Custom Fabricated Liners, Tarpaulins and Covers

Fluid containment liners can be made in a wide variety of industrial fabrics, the important thing is to choose the correct material for the job.

Are You Comparing Apples with Apples?

Google the word “Tarp”, and as you will see you will be inundated with adverts from companies proclaiming to be the best, the cheapest, have superior strength or be extra heavy duty, but what does that actually mean?

Geomembrane Spill Bunds & Containment Liner Tarps

The use of flexible fabrics for the containment of fuels, chemicals and fluids is becoming more and more popular due to its relatively low cost and ease of transport to remote sites.

L Bracket Spill Containment Bunds

Customer demand has seen us design and introduce this new Spill Containment Bund Liner into our range from April 2015.

Industrial Sliding Curtains and Factory Dividers

Weather-Proof, Fire-Retardant and available in a range of colours, these industrial curtains are used in a wide range of applications.

Portable Spill Containment Bunds

From LNG sites in Western Australia, Mining operations in Queensland, to the tropics of a Gold mine in Papua New Guinea, even a chemical cleaning facility in Scotland – The Marson Portable Spill Containment Bund is used to eliminate spills of dangerous and harmful chemicals into our waterways, rivers, creeks and oceans.

Tarps for Asbestos

We manufacture and install EPA approved Tarpaulins and Covers for trucks and trailers that carry Asbestos contaminated waste. It is crucial for all Asbestos waste to be completely covered to prevent any contaminants spilling or falling of the vehicles whilst in transit. We use and recommend a variety of reinforced PVC materials to suit these types of Tarps.

Commercial Aircraft Engine Covers

For this job we were contacted by LTQ Engineering (Qantas/Lufthansa) to fabricate these Ripstop PVC Covers (Sioline B8702 PVC) to protect Aircraft Engines whilst in transit from Melbourne International Airport to the Qantas Engineering Plant in Tullamarine. The purpose of the covers is to protect the highly valuable engine from foreign debris and water. We fabricated the covers in 2 sections which then zipped together with a Velcro cover flap. The project required various cut outs for anchor braces as well as oil drainage release points.

900gsm Chemical Bund Liner (using sioline B6000 PVC)

Marson Industries Australia P/l were contracted by one of Australia’s largest construction companies Hansen Yuncken to fabricate a temporary chemical bund liner for a site in Sydney Australia. The Liner is to be in position for 5 years so the decision to use PVC was made. The Liner required staff to High frequency weld the liner into a precise shape so that it slotted into a specially constructed void. The end result was perfect with the site manager offering the following comments : I appreciate your efforts to supply this bund liner.

Does Size Matter?

No it does not! Marson Industries caters for all size projects from large scale mining Tarps and Covers down to small sized covers, satchels and bags. Our manufacturing process is able to adapt to produce whatever you or your business requires. We are regularly contacted to design and fabricate small items such these small 900gsm PVC covers, these items are designed to house and protect an electronic data device that is attached via Velcro to race horse saddles, giving the trainers detailed data of the horses performance.

Padded PVC Covers for Metso Paper

Marson were called upon by Metso Paper Australia to design and fabricate a quantity of heavy duty padded covers to protect a highly valuable steel roller that is transported between Sydney and Melbourne on a regular basis. The roller, measuring 9m in length and 2.5m in diameter is freighted on a flat top semi-trailer and is subject to stone and debris damage whilst in transit.

Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix 900gsm PVC Covers

This project required us to design and fabricate several of these heavy duty 900gsm PVC covers. These protective covers are 100% waterproof and UV resistant and serve the purpose of protecting the highly valuable F1 Grand Prix Pit Barriers when they are in outdoor storage yards. The covers are designed with a galvanised metal underframe, that is then lifted into place via a crane. Front and rear Velcro and buckle panels are then secured to the pole pocket side panels.

Stillage Covers for Major Australian Car Manufacture

Marson were called on to work with a local engineering and design firm to help develop a large quantity of stillage covers to stop the internal car parts from damage in transit. After the metal work was complete, Our highly skilled staff proposed a heavy duty 920GSM PVC cover made in panels, some with 0.75mm clear inspection windows and access flaps. The design was approved after a prototype was manufactured and put into service.

Canvas Covers for Industrial Green Waste Mulching Machine

For this project we were contacted by Sita Environmental Solutions to fabricate and install 3 Ripstop Canvas Covers to one of their large Industrial Mulching/Sorting machines. The purpose of the Canvas covers was to protect the air intake from contamination against airborne debris. We used a WCT Ripstop Canvas due to its proven reliability and longevity.

Canvacon – A Proven Australian made Polyethylene Fabric

People all know the cheap blue polytarps that are available online or at the major hardware stores, most costing under $100 and promising the highest of quality materials, metal eyelets and so forth. If you are one of those who have purchased one of these you will know exactly how low quality they really are. Eyelets ripped from the tarp, joins and seams coming apart, water leaking through or the tarp simply shredding to pieces when a storm does come.

UV resistant Mesh cover to protect Livestock whilst in transit

We were contacted by a client requesting that we manufacture and install a UV resistant Mesh cover to protect Livestock whilst in transit. The animals on the top deck of the truck were exposed to direct sunlight whilst in transit, resulting in some rather sunburnt pigs arriving at the abattoir. The material of choice was Monotec Mesh, an all Australian made shadecloth offering very good UV properties as well as very good dimensional stability.

Fabricate & Install 7 Restaurant Canvas Covers

Using Canvas in an extraordinary way! Marson Industries were contracted by a reputable Melbourne based interior design firm to fabricate and install 7 canvas covered frames for a new restaurant in Melbourne. The job was done using Billabong Canvas from Wax Converters in the colour of Light Sand. It entailed us cutting, sewing and installing these covers as per the scope of work set out by the design firm. With the new restaurant opening within a couple of weeks, time was critical and once again we were able to deliver on time.

Reinforced PVC Chemical Bunding Liners

Marson Industries Australia P/L were contacted in early September by a Chemical company requesting 800m2 of Chemical Bunding Liners. The Client was requiring this to be fabricated and Airfreighted without delay. Marson was able to fabricate the Bund Liners in a total time of 48 hours and have them on an airplane with 12 hours of that. The Liners are subject to constant heavy vehicle traffic as well as a concoction of contaminated waste and chemical run off.

Sandpit Covers

The importance of Schools Kinders and Childcare centres having good quality Sandpit Covers is Paramount. Our Monotec or Commercial grade mesh covers stop debris such as leaves and sticks from entering the sandpit. Also the covers stop pests such as Cats and possums from soiling the sand, a leading cause of disease and illness in children. We offer two variants of cover, the first is a weighted chain edge. This method has an anti-rust metal chain enclosed within an edge seam of the cover.


With winter approaching we are set for hopefully a wet one. We are already getting many orders for roofing and builders Tarps and covers. The most common size being 9m x 6m, but we have recently completed some very large covers in excess of 600 meters square. We receive many calls from all over Australia looking for Tarps of all kinds, Roofing, Construction and truck Tarps just to name a few.

Tarps and Covers – From Commercial to Industrial applications.

October has seen Marson Industries Australia P/L complete a wide variety of specialised Tarps and covers for Restaurants and to waterproof covers for Industrial usage. In early October, Marson was contracted to manufacture and install custom made 10 ounce Australian made Canvas covers for a new high end Restaurant in Richmond Victoria. The project consisted of tailoring the canvas covers to fit over steel frames located throughout the Restaurant.

Marson Industries Australia P/L – Marson, in the global market

Hi and welcome to our October 2012 blog. It’s been a very busy year so far with all of us working flat out on some very large orders for specialised tarps being sent to places such as Papua New Guinea and the Pilbara. These specialised custom made covers have been made from a 700GSM ripstop PVC (Sioen b8702) due to the extreme weather conditions associated with these remote locations.