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Fabricate and Install 7 Restaurant Canvas Covers

Posted on 16 October 2013

Using Canvas in an extraordinary way! Marson Industries were contracted by a reputable Melbourne based interior design firm to fabricate and install 7 canvas covered frames for a new restaurant in Melbourne.

The job was done using Billabong Canvas from Wax Converters in the colour of Light Sand. It entailed us cutting, sewing and installing these covers as per the scope of work set out by the design firm. With the new restaurant opening within a couple of weeks, time was critical and once again we were able to deliver on time.

The canvas covered frames look great and the owners were very happy with the job.

This bespoke job shows the diverse and creative ways that canvas can be used, It also shows the high degree of expertise, craftsmanship and pride that we take in our work.

Restaurant Canvas Covers
Restaurant Canvas Covers
Restaurant Canvas Covers

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