Mesh and Shadecloth Covers

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Mesh and Shadecloth Covers

Air permeable materials are used in Covers that are not required to be waterproof. Generally lighter in weight than water-proof covers, air permeable mesh type covers find their uses in items such as:

  • Sandpit Covers
  • Tennis Fence Screening
  • Shade-Sails
  • Pool Covers
  • Mesh Privacy Walls & Screens
  • Shade Houses
  • Agricultural Covers
  • Livestock Shelter Covers
  • Wind Deflection Screening
  • Tarpaulins for Recyclables
  • Ultra Violet Radiation Protection
Mesh Covers
Mesh Covers

Our expertise in Industrial grade Air-Permeable Mesh allows us to offer you a product that will surpass your expectations and provide longevity and reliability for many years. Having been in operation for over 45 years, Marson Industries Australia P/L supplies many Air-permeable Mesh covers throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Middle East. All these locations have very high levels of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and so, using a material that has high levels of UV stabilisation is paramount.

Our custom made Mesh and Shadecloth Covers can feature different types of reinforcements and finishing types depending on your installation:

  • Double Sewn Webbing Edges
  • Stainless Steel Cable Edge
  • Aluminium Rope Track
  • Stainless Steel Eyelets
  • Weighted Chain Edge
  • PTFE (Teflon) or Bonded Polyester Sewn edges

And we only use Quality made Mesh and Shadecloth materials such as:

  • Monotec
  • Synthesis
  • Vistaweave & Outlook PVC Mesh
  • Serge Ferrari
  • Bondcote
  • Truck Mesh
  • Hiraoka Super Mesh

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