100 X GRAVEL BAGS 270MM X 1200MM

100 x Gravel Bags

270mm x 1200mm

3 years UV Life guarantee


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100 X GRAVEL BAGS 270MM X 1200MM

The Marson Gravel Bag can be used for a wide range of applications such as, where a tarp or cover needs to be weighted down without using ground anchors.

When used for securing Silage covers, several gravel bags can be tethered to tie-ropes to form an “exo-skeleton”, anchoring down the cover to eliminate air entrapment.

Several Gravel Bags can be used to secure large stockpile or grain bunker tarps, eliminating excess flapping or movement of the tarp.

Gravel bags are simple to use, simply fill with gravel (just below the draw string lines), pull the drawstring tight, tie a knot and carry via the integrated carry handle.

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