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PVC Tarp Repair

PVC Tarp Repair

Pack Includes:

  • 3 x 60ml PVC Glue
  • 20 Small Patch’s
  • 20 Large Patch’s


Simple To Use And Offers A Reliable Fix For Small Holes And Tears In PVC Tarps.

This PVC Tarp Repair Kit Requires No Special Tools.

Instructions For Use:

  • Clean Damaged Area Of Tarp With Acetone
  • Choose The Correct Size Patch Included With Your Repair Kit
  • Apply An Even Coat Of PVC Glue To Both Patch And Tarp
  • Bring Both Surfaces Together And Apply Pressure So That The Patch Can Adhere Properly.
  • Leave A Weight Such As A Brick On Top Of The Patch Overnight To Help Maintain An Even Pressure And Help The Curing Process
  • Allow 24 Hours For Maximum Adhesion.
Weight0.03 kg
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