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Tarps, Covers & Liners. Industrial Textile Fabrication.

Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Stockpile Tarps & Covers

Our quality Stockpile Covers are 100% waterproof, UV treated and made to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Since 1968 we have manufactured thousands of large Stockpile Tarps and covers, our facility is equipped with the latest Tarp welding machines, Robotic cutting equipment and floor space to accommodate almost any sized cover you require. Our experience has seen our company progress to be leaders in Tarpaulin manufacturing and proud to say the “preferred supplier” for companies throughout Australia and beyond.

Material Options

Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene
Scrim Reinforced Polypropylene
Scrim Reinforced PVC

Large Stockpile Covers are palletised for quick & easy delivery to any location and are folded & rolled for easy deployment.

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