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Mesh & Shade Cloth Covers

Non-Waterproof / Permeable Mesh Tarps & Covers are suitable for applications where protection from factors other than rainwater are required.

Mesh & Shadecloth comes in many unique styles and configurations and their use depends on what you are trying to cover & protect.

They can be used for Sun/UV protection, Privacy Screens, Agricultural & industrial uses.

We will custom make to your requirements, contact us with your ideas and we will make it happen.

Truckmesh 330

Is a PVC coated polyester mesh that provides good tear and tensile strength. It is a heavy weight 1000D 330gsm UV treated mesh that we use for many different applications. It is easy to use and can be easily folded and rolled when not in use.


Supermesh 401

Is a 440gsm Dip-Coated PVC mesh which is UV stabilised, Anti-Fungal & FR treated. Dip-Coated mesh provides a high degree of strength and stability and helps to lock the yarn in place, this means Supermesh 401 is suited for applications that are extreme and requiring that extra strength.

There are other options in the Supermesh range such as 103 and 105.


Knitted Shadecloth

Our Premium Hortshade is an extremely high-quality knitted shadecloth made from UV stabilised HDPE, it is designed to resist sun damage, water absorption, rotting and will not tear or fray if cut. It provides optimum performance in any climate and has been the benchmark of the knitted shadecloth for many years.


Commercial Shadecloth

These are more suited for applications where the shadecloth is under tension & high tensile loadings. Commercial shadecloth is available in many colours and is a combination of both Monofilament & tape construction making it ideal for UV protection. Our most popular Commercial shadecloth being Commercial 95 340gsm is the most trusted HDPE shade fabric in the industry for over 20 years.


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