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Covershield 9000 Industrial Grade 330 gsm

Covershield 9000 Industrial Grade 330 gsm

330GSM Industrial Grade P.E. Tarps

Reinforced Polyethylene, 100% Waterproof & UV Treated
High Strength  2000 Denier. Made for Australia’s Harsh Environment. The Best Poly Tarp On The Market !


COVERSHIELD 9000 is a High Grade, Super Strong Industrial strength UV stabilised Polyethylene. Its unique scrim & coating technology accompanied by its superior industrial reinforcing, provides not only exceptional tear & puncture-resistance but long life performance. Covershield 9000 is designed for the harsh Australian climate and features a total weight of 330GSM, making it the heaviest most robust Poly-Tarp on the Australian market.

All COVERSHIELD 9000 Tarps feature these high quality characteristics:

  • 12×10 weave count, 2000 Denier
  • Fully UV Stabilised
  • Heat Welded Seams
  • Solid Brass Eyelets reinforced by patch (approx. 1m apart)
  • High Flex, Anti-Crack & Anti-Rot Resistance
  • 100% Waterproof

Easy to handle due to its light weight design, COVERSHIELD 9000 is ideal for a wide range of Industrial Heavy Duty applications such as:

  • Roofing, Builders & Construction Tarps
  • Mining, Energy & Offshore Tarps & Covers
  • General Waterproof Tarps & Covers
  • Agricultural Tarps, Haystack Covers, Grain Covers
  • Stockpile Tarps
  • Sports Ground / Crickets Pitch Covers
  • Storm & Cyclone Tarps (Emergency Services / Aid Relief)

2.5M X 3.0M, 2.5M X 5.0M, 3.5M X 3.0M, 3.5M X 5.4M, 3.5M X 6.0M, 3.5M X 7.5M, 5.0M X 10.0M, 5.0M X 11.0M, 6.0M X 4.0M, 6.0M X 5.0M, 6.0M X 6.0M, 6.0M X 7.2M, 6.0M X 9.0M, 6.0M X 12.0M, 7.0M X 4.8M, 7.0M X 5.5M, 7.0M X 11.0M, 7.6M X 7.5M, 7.6M X 9.0M, 7.6M X 12.0M, 7.6M X 15.0M, 9.0M X 4.5M, 9.0M X 7.2M, 9.0M X 9.0M, 10.0M X 10.0M, 9.0M X 12.0M, 9.0M X 15.0M, 12.0M X 10.0M, 12.0M X 12.0M, 12.0M X 15.0M, 12.0M X 21.0M, 18.0M X 15.0M, 18.0M X 21.0M, 18.0M X 30.0M

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