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!!! SALE !!! Titan 680gsm Industrial Grade Ripstop PVC Tarps

!!! SALE !!! Titan 680gsm Industrial Grade Ripstop PVC Tarps

Titan 680GSM Ripstop PVC Tarps.

High quality spread coated PVC with a Super Strength Ripstop weave construction.  1000 x 1000 Denier with a 2x2cm high tensile anti-tear scrim. Fully UV & Fire-Retardant features with acrylic lacquer for long life flexibility & performance. The strongest industrial grade PVC Tarp on the market.

We have Blue, Black, Beige and Green tarps colours. Please indicate in your order which 2-3 colours you would like and we will select one for you!


TITAN RIPSTOP 680GSM provides the highest Strength, Reliability and Superior Performance amongst all PVC Tarps on the market. It’s advanced PVC Spread-Coating, UV stabilisation and High Tenacity Ripstop Scrim gives the reliability that is required for all industrial situations. Titan Ripstop 680GSM is Fire Retardant (FR) for that added protection. Titan Ripstop 680GSM is utilised within Australia and International locations due to its Super Heavy Duty and Long Life Characteristics.

All Titan 680GSM Tarps feature these high-quality specifications:

  • Fully UV Resistant
  • Spread Coated (The highest quality of coating)
  • High Tensile Ripstop Construction
  • Acrylic lacquered on both sides.
  • Flexible & easy to handle.
  • Fire Retardant to NFPA 701-2004 FR
  • Temperature range of -30° + 70°
  • Tensile Strength 3500N x 3200N (AS4878.6-2001) ISO13934-1
  • Tear Resistance 320N x 290N (AS4878.7-2001) ISO4674.1
  • Strong Stainless-Steel Eyelets every 1m on all sides
  • Underties on larger sized Tarps


Application & Uses:

  • Roofing, Builders & Construction Tarps
  • Storm, Cyclone & Disaster relief Tarps
  • Mining, Energy & Offshore Covers
  • Engineering & Specialty Covers
  • Industrial Tarps & Covers
  • Waterproof Liners
  • Hire Tarps
  • Truck Covers
Weight N/A

1.8M X 2.0M, 1.8M X 2.5M, 1.8M X 3.0M, 1.8M X 3.2M, 1.8M X 5M, 1.8M X 6M, 2.0M X 2.0M, 2.0M X 2.5M, 2.0M X 3.0M, 2.0M X 3.5M, 2.0 X 4.0M, 2.0 X 4.5M, 2.0 X 5.0M, 2.0 X 5.5M, 2.2 X 4.0M, 2.5M X 2.5M, 2.5M X 2.8M, 2.5M X 3.0M, 2.5M X 3.2M, 2.5M X 3.5M, 2.5M X 3.8M, 2.5M X 4.0M, 2.5M X 4.4M, 2.5M X 4.5M, 2.5M X 5.5M, 2.5M X 5.0M, 2.5M X 6.0M, 2.5M X 6.5M, 3.2M X 4.0M, 3.2M X 4.5M, 3.2M X 5.0M, 3.2M X 5.5M, 4.0M X 5.0M

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