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! SALE ! Titan PVC 610gsm Tarps (Matte finish) Ice Blue colour

! SALE ! Titan PVC 610gsm Tarps (Matte finish) Ice Blue colour

This is a good deal on 610GSM Reinforced Industrial Grade PVC Tarps.

High quality spread semi-coated  PVC with excellent strength to weight ratio/ Ice blue colour


Titan  610GSM  is a highly versatile Tarp & Cover option for a wide range of applications ranging from Builders Roofing Tarps, Agricultural Covers to general Equipment Storage Covers. Titan 610 is easy to handle due to its smooth matte surface and offers a very high tensile strength for high wind locations. 

All Titan 610GSM Tarps feature these high quality specifications:

  • 100%PES

  • Semi-Coated for  better adhesion characteristics and higher durability ratings 
  • Matte finish

  • Flexible & easy to handle.

  • Temperature range of -30° + 70°

  • Strong Stainless-Steel Eyelets every 0.5m on all sides

Application & Uses:

  • Roofing, Builders & Construction Tarps
  • Storm, Cyclone & Disaster relief Tarps
  • Mining, Energy & Offshore Covers
  • Engineering & Specialty Covers
  • Industrial Tarps & Covers
  • Waterproof Liners
  • Hire Tarps
  • Truck Covers
Weight N/A

2M X 3.0M, 2M X 4.0M, 2M X 5.0M, 2.5M X 6.0M, 2.5M X 7.0M, 2.5M X 7.5M, 4.0M X 6.0M

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