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8 Spill Containment Benefits

One of the key aspects of maintaining a work area is to keep it free from any safety risk and hazard. It is necessary to ensure that all employees, especially workers in a factory setting, are protected from potential physical injury. This is not only to ensure they do not suffer physical illness or misfortune, but also to avoid the chance of the company being held legally liable for work injury and caused to pay compensation. One of the methods whereby the work sites in factories can be kept clean and secure is through the use of spill containment bunds. This article will provide information on spill containment bunds and the various benefits, in addition to keeping the area safe and secure.

What Is A Spill Containment Bund?

A spill containment bund or spill containment wall is an item that acts as a containment facility for any liquid within the area. It is utilized as a barrier to prevent leaking or spilling of the liquid from the container onto the floor or external area; hence the term containment. In many cases, the liquid held within these bunds are toxic or are able to cause a great amount of damage to the area surrounding the container; therefore, the bund is typically created using a concrete. When viewing this container it will normally appear as a large tank, but the size and design is normally dependent on the facility and amount of liquid needing to be contained.

What Are The Top 8 Spill Containment Benefits?

  • 1. High Quality Cleanliness Guaranteed

When installing one of these spill containment bunds or walls you can be guaranteed one of the cleanest work areas possible. Maintaining liquids in typical barrels can become quite cumbersome or “messy” therefore, having this large wall as an additional barrier to secure the area can be highly advantageous. The containment wall will assist in keeping the liquid where it needs to remain and eliminating the chance of damage being done to other individuals or work surfaces.

  • 2. Eliminating Physical Injuries For Workers

One of the most significant of the top 8 spill containment benefits is arguably the ability to protect workers from physical injury. The importance of removing risk and hazard from a worksite is paramount and by installing a spill containment bund you can reduce the amount of potential accidents. In many cases, the liquid is toxic which increases the risk of injury due to workers being exposed to chemicals; however, placing the spill wall in place creates a protective barrier between the toxic liquid and the human employee.

  • 3. Environmental Consciousness

In today’s society it is vital that all businesses indicate a level of environmental consciousness and eco-friendliness. By installing the spill containment bund the business will show this aspect as the wall increases the level of environmental friendliness within the factory. This is done by removing the chance of toxic liquid spilling onto and potentially destroying the environment surrounding the worksite.

  • 4. Avoiding Eco-Friendly Penalties

When taking the eco-friendly feature into account, it is important to note that being environmentally conscious assists in avoiding penalties. Nowadays, businesses are obliged to maintain a degree of “greenness” and if this is not met the business will need to pay certain penalties. By installing spill containment bunds, it is possible to protect both the environment and the company’s bank balance.

  • 5. Avoiding Potential Damage Costs

Capital is a highly significant factor to consider when managing and running any business, especially one that requires a large worksite with numerous factory workers. If working with toxic or chemical-based substances, the chance of potential damage costs increases and this can be stressful; however, by installing spill containment walls it is possible to eliminate the risk of damage costs being incurred. The primary function of a spill containment bund is to protect the substances from leaking and causing damage; therefore, removing the need to pay for any damages to the worksite or employees if injured.

  • 6. Keeping Up-To-Date With New Technology

It is said that the most successful and efficient businesses are those that remain updated with the latest technologies in their particular industry. By introducing spill containment bunds into the workplace, the company will be maintaining an updated presentation installing technology of the latest trend. Of course, the spill containment bund will change as the year’s progress; however, the overall function will remain the same and the protection against toxic substances is the key priority.

  • 7. Easy To Install And Maintain

Due to their large appearance and function, it may be thought that these spill containment systems are quite difficult to install and maintain; however, this is completely untrue. In fact, the spill containment bunds, once in place, are very easy to manage presenting minimal amounts of maintenance. It is not necessary to complete any major site preparation before installation as the containment bund is based around convenience and efficiency; therefore, eliminate the ideas of excavation as these items can be easily installed in the back of the factory without the need to interrupt a working day.

  • 8. Reducing Anxiety And Stress

Finally, one of the most advantageous aspects of the 8 spill containment benefits is the reduction of any feelings of stress or anxiety. Managing a business can be highly anxiety-provoking and dealing with chemical-substances is stressful, particularly when there is the chance they may injure workers. By installing the spill containment wall the stress of potential injury, penalties, and cost for damages can be reduced, if only slightly.

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February 12, 2021
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