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Tarps for Bio-Security

Tarps are used for a wide range of applications not just for weather protection. Over the years Marson Industries has manufactured and supplied thousands of Fumigation Tarps which are used to fumigate various items such as grains, flora, LCL cargo shipments and shipping containers. Not all Tarps can be used for Fumigation as they can easily breakdown due to the Fumigation Gases used in this process (Methyl Bromide, Phosphine Gas).  Incorrect Tarps will allow the gases to escape and render the fumigation process worthless, so by using a certified lab tested fabric is paramount.

Fully welded joins within the Tarp is extremely important, under-welded joins will allow venting of dangerous gases which are harmfull to humans and animals. Marson Industries uses the high quality plastic welding equipment to securely weld Fumigation tarps in a wide variety of materials such as PE/Polyethylene, PP/Polypropylene and PVC/Polyvinyl chloride).

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