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Bunker Tarps – Check out these specials currently available !!

Cheap Grain Bunker Tarps / Second Hand Bunker Tarps…

With Harvest time quickly approaching, we are always asked about second hand bunker tarps. Truth is, the majority of second hand or third hand bunker tarps and covers that are on the market are riddled with holes and tears making them unreliable for covering grains. To many holes creates problems with vermin entering the bunker and contaminating the grain and allowing rain water to leak through and creating huge problems with your valuable commodity. Generally, it is more cost effective in the long term to purchase a cover that will guarantee you full grain bunker protection, and this doesn’t have to be expensive. Currently, we have some stock sizes of bunker Tarps – ready to be delivered anywhere in Australia.
40m x 20m (Canvacon 7000e) $3200 + GST , 20m x 16m (Landmark 340GSM) 1$1250 + GST, 32m x 20m (Canvacon 5000q 245GSM) $2368 + GST, 32m x 20m (Canvacon 7000) $2750 + GST, 42m x 20m (Canvacon 7000e/306GSM) $3360 + GST….   plus we are constantly manufacturing more everyday.
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February 12, 2021
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