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Having a properly made Sandpit Cover is a must have for all Centers and Schools wanting to comply with government regulations. A quality Marson Industries Sandpit Cover will provide you with guaranteed protection against animals and debris from soiling your sand.

It is important to use a non-waterproof mesh for Sandpit Covers as a waterproof cover is not allowed. This is due to rain water pooling on top of the cover, becoming a drowning hazard for your children.

What type of material…..?  There really is only one choice, TITAN SAND MESH. This highly specialised material is guaranteed non-shrink and is currently used by hundreds of Australian Kinders, Childcare Centers and Schools.

Unlike Shadecloth (which shrinks), Titan Sand Mesh wont shrink leaving you with a cover that doesn’t fit. Sand Mesh is fully UV treated for the harsh Australian climate and comes with an added FR (Fire Retardant) additive.

Don’t risk it with a cheaply made shadecloth sandpit cover, Invest in a quality Titan Sand-Mesh Cover!

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February 12, 2021
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