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Applications For Industrial Tarpaulins

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If you have a large company, and you are delivering items that need to be on a flatbed truck, you will want to cover them so as to protect your merchandise from the elements. It may also serve as a cover that will prevent people from knowing what it is that you are carrying on your load, a way of preventing people from wanting to steal your merchandise.

The type of material that is used must be of industrial-strength, sometimes very different from what is available at your local hardware store. The size, design, and the material itself should be specifically manufactured in order to be used with industrial shipments. Here are some facts about industrial tarpaulins, and also how they are made, so that you can choose the best ones from reliable companies that may be in your area.

  • What Exactly Is A Tarpaulin?

In some countries, these are actually referred to as tarps, probably a convenient way to shorten the name. They are typically made of some type of strong material that is water resistant, or even waterproof, and is designed to be flexible. The material itself is typically some type of polyethylene or canvas, however they can be made of different types of plastic.

There are many regions of Australia which may also refer to this as a hootch, and they will be manufactured with grommets specifically at the corners, and sometimes along the sides, to make it easy to tie down. These holes are reinforced with some type of metal material that will not shred the tarp if the rope or twine is pulled to tightly. They can be used to either cover objects, or used as a type of shelter, and most modern tarpaulins are designed with woven polyethylene which are commonly called a polytarp.

  • Common Uses

When looking up different facts about industrial tarpaulins, or even regular tarps, they all provide the same type of benefits. The elements can cause damage to some of the products that we create, and these tarps can protect against sunlight, rain and wind. When you see people doing masonry, or any type of brickwork, they are used to protect the unfinished work from damage. If you see rain coming in, and there is a sporting event that is being played, large tarpaulins will be brought out to keep the class dry.

In some cases, they can be very effective as a form of advertising, and also help with protecting scaffolding or reduce the amount of wind coming into a certain area. In most cases, they are relatively inexpensive, but for those that are used with industrial projects, there are many different types that are used for these specific reasons.

  • Different Types Of Tarpaulin

On a very basic level, these tarps are either going to be sick or thin, made of vinyl, canvas, or polyethylene. They are measured based upon millimeters and are divided up into categories such as regular, heavy-duty, and as with industrial grade tarps, super heavy-duty is there designation. The grommets can also be simple holes, or they can be reinforced. They are also classified based upon their size, something that will be represented on the package that they are sold in, however they tend to be just a bit smaller.

There are washable ones, ones that are waterproof, and some that are actually perforated. For some jobs you may need to have ones that are mildew proof, or even rot proof, tarps that are used for long-term storage. Finally, there are different colors that they will come in and the colors are actually indicative of the grade of the tarp itself. If it is a blue tarp, this is representative of the light duty tarpaulin, measuring about .14 mm thick. Those that are brown are the ones that are usually used for industrial projects, coming in at .41 mm in thickness. These are the super heavy-duty tarps that must be used when doing industrial projects.

  • Additional Facts About Industrial Tarpaulin Uses

There are a few other things that you should know about tarps that could cam in handy if you are using them for an industrial reason. They are sometimes used on locomotives in order to protect them from the elements during storage, and can also be used over generators. Other designations include car and trailer covers, document bags, and industrial machinery covers.

They are also very common in the military, serving as not only bags but also covers for the equipment used by soldiers. Depending upon where you get these, they can also be PVC coated, one of the most popular because of their durability. Others are CARM rated which is an acronym for chemical agent resistant material. These are necessary during some military projects, sometimes made of a mesh of fabrics or fireproof glass cloth. Some companies will actually put logos, buckles, pole slots, and even vision panels depending upon their purpose.

Now that you have a basic overview of facts about industrial tarpaulins, depending on the project you are working on, you should know what to get. They are not that expensive if you are using them for a regular project such as covering furniture or a woodpile outside, but those that are industrial grade come from very specific manufacturers that will make them to expected specifications to provide protection, deflect wind, and also serve as a barrier against chemicals and other dangerous substances.

By searching on the web, you should be able to find a manufacturer of industrial tarps that can offer you exceptional prices and options. By knowing facts about industrial tarpaulins, you will be one step ahead of everyone else when you place your order and get exactly what you want.


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February 12, 2021
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