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Are you comparing Apples with Apples?



Google the word “Tarp”, and as you will see you will be inundated with adverts from companies proclaiming to be the best, the cheapest, have superior strength or be extra heavy duty, but what does that actually mean?

Here at Marson Industries Australia, we get enquiries from all over Australia from both Business and residential locations requesting a heavy duty tarp. Generally, they are shopping around to find the best quality at the cheapest price. Whilst we all like a good deal, but exactly what are you getting when you buy your Tarps from a company or Hardware store that imports them pre-made from China?

Most compare the weight of the Tarp or Cover to its GSM (Grams per Square Meter), this is partly true but this specification only really reflects the weight and thickness of the material being used.

Let’s look at Canvacon 5000e, a 260GSM Reinforced Polyethylene made in Australia as an example. It has a standard 3 year warranty but generally a lifespan of over 10 years when used correctly. Canvacon has an extremely high UV additive to resist the Australian climate. It also has a tensile strength of 1276 x 1427 a wing tear of 254 x 252 and burst strength of 2700kPa. So, Canvacon 5000e as you can see has a very high set of specifications.

When choosing a Tarpaulin or Cover, ask questions and get specifications from the seller and ask where the tarp is made? Ask what type of Eyelets are being used? And what type of reinforcing it has. Choose a reputable poly fabric such as Canvacon or Tarpee. If looking for industrial grade PVC choose our Titan range of quality engineered fabrics. Titan 610GSM, Titan 680GSM and Titan 900GSM all with high UV and are Fire Retardant.

Don’t risk it with a cheaply made tarp or cover,
Your quality made Marson Tarp will stand the test of time.
Rain, Hail or Shine!



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February 12, 2021
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