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The Best Deals On Sandpit Covers

Children absolutely love to play in a sandpit, a box that is designed to provide hours of fun, allowing kids to play in the sand. They are easy to make if you do not have one of your own, or you can purchase one at a local store, simply filling it with sand, buckets and shovels. There is a certain draw that this particular outdoor activity has for small children, for both boys and girls.

They can also add water to the mix, creating sand castles with the buckets that they have, carving out little windows and doors. Unfortunately, these can also attract animals, specifically cats, that will absolutely love to do their business while your kids are away. Instead of having an unsanitary sandpit, it better choices to get a sandpit cover that can protect it from vagrant animals that wander through the yard.

Here is how you can get the best sandpit covers at the lowest prices to protect the safety of your children.

  • Overview Of A Sandpit Cover

These are called by many different names. In the United States and Canada, they are referred to as a sandbox. In Commonwealth countries, sandpit is the usual name, but regardless of what it is called, it serves the same purpose. It is an area that will allow you to fill it up with sand so that kids can play, a very cheap form of entertainment. The box or container with the sand can be placed in a multitude of locations, but they are usually in the backyard adjacent to the patio where parents can sit and watch.

They can be constructed using simple logs or planks, or you can buy a plastic kit from the local store. They can be shaped in a square box format, or they can be designed in the shape of a fish, horse, or anything else imaginable, all of which will have sand within it.

  • Problems With The Sandpit Covers

A sandpit is not a dangerous area. In fact, it is one of the safest ways that your children can participate either by themselves or with friends. It is the possibility that an animal such as a cat will continually use the sand as a place to defecate. To protect your kids, and also to make sure that you won’t have to replace the sand after this occurs, you will need to put a cover over the top.

Some of them actually come with lids that can be shut during the night, and opened back up in the morning. Another problem that you may have with a sandpit is the fact that, especially in areas where it rains quite a bit, it can saturate the sand. You will end up with a mud pit, one that will not dry up for several weeks, or at least until the weather warms up, essentially eliminating this as a proper place for children to play safely.

  • Solution To The Problem

A solution to this problem can be found by placing a lid over the top or what is called a sandpit cover. There are many businesses that specialize in making these covers of all different sizes, shapes and designs. They are typically manufactured of some type of polymesh which is a safe material, one that can handle quite a bit of abuse.

They are also capable of withstanding the elements so you will more than likely have this for several years without it breaking down by being exposed to the sun, wind and rain.

  • Sandpit Cover Accessories

The accessories that you get with these particular items will depend on where the sandpit is actually located. For instance, if it is out in the yard, you will also want to purchase what are called weight bags, tiny multicolored bags that are self enclosed that are quite heavy, preventing the wind from blowing the cover away during high winds and storms.

You can also purchase what are called stay put domes which can be securely attached to something such as the outside of the pit itself, or if this is built right into your deck at home, they can be attached to fasteners that are drilled directly into the wood.

The goal is to not only provide safety for your kids and protect the sand itself from intruders and the weather, but it is also able to cover the sandpit which can be an eyesore with something that looks much more appealing, helping to enhance the landscaping on your property.

  • Getting The Best Deals

You are actually able to get fantastic deals on sandpit covers if you know where to look. By simply searching for them on the web, you will find many specialty companies. Amazon also sells them, but you might want to go with something absolutely unique. Specialty orders are possible as long as you are working with a company that is able to manufacture them independently, allowing you to get a cover that will be billed to your specifications.

The best deals typically come from stores that sell hundreds of them every week, discounts that only mass production can provide. If you don’t have a problem with the few colors that are available, as well as the minimal amount of styles, then you can save a considerable amount of money.

One other way that you can minimize the problems that can occur when you are dealing with a sandpit is to simply get one that is portable. Small children do not necessarily need an entire outdoor pet that is secured to the ground. You can get one that you can bring in an out of your home. This will only require a minimal amount of sand in order to make it functional along with the usual scoops and buckets to make it fun.

Your child may not be able to sit in this particular type of sandpit, but they will still have access to most of the activities that are possible using these portable ones instead. Now that you know how to get sandpit covers for a discount, and the many uses that they have, you can look forward to keeping your outdoor sandpit from getting exposed to the weather or animals that would use it for other purposes.

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February 12, 2021
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