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What Are The Best Tarps To Buy?

Tarps can be used for many different purposes and it is important to have one on hand. Tarps can be used to provide ground cover, create shelter, or provide protection from the outside elements. If you are looking for the best tarps to buy, you need to realize that the tarps you choose will depend on how you plan to use it. Here is a breakdown of the different types of tarps so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Types of Tarps

  • 1.    Poly Tarp

Poly tarps are typically made of polyethylene and nylon tarp threading. To provide additional reinforcement, a rope is usually woven into a poly tarp's perimeter. Poly tarps are available in either high-density polyethylene construction (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene construction (LDPE). LDPE is the most common variety since it is chemical resistant, extremely tough, flexible, and inexpensive. HDPE is used primarily in construction of temporary, outdoor shelters, such as large performance venues.

  • 2.    Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are typically woven and can be made of synthetic or natural material. Canvas tarps are often used in the trucking industry for providing cover on the trailers or truck beds due to their superior strength against the wind. Painters also use canvas tarps since they are good in absorbing spills. Canvas tarps are unfortunately quite expensive and not completely waterproof.

  • 3.    Truck Tarps

Truck tarps are made of very strong material and most feature a heavy duty poly coating that makes it waterproof. Truck tarps can be made of canvas, rubber, or other heavy duty polyethylene material. Truck tarps are usually reinforced along the hems and around the outer edges. Braided rope is sometimes sewn into the corners for extra reinforcement.

  • 4.    Hay Tarps

Hay tarps are quite popular with farmers and are typically used to cover bales of hay. The key difference between hay tarps and other types of tarps is that they are treated to offer UV protection since it can damage the structural integrity of hay. Hay tarps provide total protection from high winds or heavy rains and are usually used after the hay is baled.

  • 5.    Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarps are usually made of nylon threading which weaves a material that acts like a screen. The advantage of the mesh tarp is that it allows wind and liquids to pass through but still offers some protection. Mesh tarps are highly useful in areas with high winds. Mesh tarps are often used to shield crops from getting too much sunlight or heat.

  • 6.    Fire tarps

Fire tarps are made of canvas or polyethylene and are used as fire retardants. To ensure that a tarp is fire retardant, you need to ensure that it has a cpai-84 specification, which is the highest possible standard of fire-retardant requirement. However, fire tarps are still not fireproof.

  • 7.    Lumber Tarps

Lumber tarps bear many similarities with hay tarps since they are UV treated and provide total protection against wind and rain. The key difference between them is the fasteners and size. Lumber tarps are usually larger in size and are typically sold in sizes of 40+ feet.

  • 8.    Insulated Tarps

Insulated tarps are for keeping either cold or heat out. They feature a reflective material on the exterior and an insulating material on the other side. Mylar is the material often used in insulated tarps to keep cold or heat out due to its reflective properties, high tensile strength, and chemical stability.

  • 9.    Floor Tarps

Floor tarps are typically used indoors. They are made of thick, poly-coated material that helps to protect the finish of the floor. Floor tarps are usually sold in rolls and this makes for easy storage. Like canvas tarps, they are ideal for painting applications.

  • 10.    Pool Tarps

Pool tarps are of many different varieties with some simple enough to keep unwanted water and debris out of the pool while other are used as an insulator to help pool water retain its heat. The solar cover is yet another type of pool tarp that is clear to allow sunlight to pass through and heat the water below.

  • 11.    Boat Tarps

Boat owners prefer boat tarps to boat covers. The main justification for doing this is cost. Boat tarps are cheaper than boat covers since boat covers are custom made to form fit the boat. Boat tarps are totally waterproof and are usually made of heavy duty material to stand up to the harsh elements of rain, wind, sun, etc.

  • 12.    Field Tarps

Field tarps are most commonly used on softball and baseball fields. Field tarps are the largest tarps available and are designed to be waterproof to ensure that fields are not submerged in water. Field tarps can even be used to keep a field cool. They are typically sold in rolls, which makes for easy rolling out and storage. Grommets are sometimes stitched along the edges to provide a mechanism for anchoring the tarp to a field.

Final Thoughts

Tarps can be used for many different purposes as clearly show in this article. If you are looking for the best tarps to buy, you should consult this list with your intended application in mind to help you choose the right one.

Regardless of application, you will never lack a tarp to fit your situation. Ensure that you get the right material for your needs and the right size. You can easily find the best tarps to buy on various online retail stores such as Amazon and eBay.

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February 12, 2021
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