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Canvacon – A Proven Australian Made Polyethylene Fabric

People all know the cheap blue polytarps that are available online or at the major hardware stores, most costing under $100 and promising the highest of quality materials, metal eyelets and so forth. If you are one of those who have purchased one of these you will know exactly how low quality they really are. Eyelets ripped from the tarp, joins and seams coming apart, water leaking through or the tarp simply shredding to pieces when a storm does come.

If you’re reading this, and have been looking at our website and wanting to buy a Tarp or Cover then I am sure you have seen many online sellers advertising on Google that they sell the heaviest duty, Premium quality, Long Lasting Best quality Polytarps around. What they don’t tell you is they are made in China, shipped over to Australia by the container load and then onsold to consumers who are none the wiser. Thinking they have purchased a Tarp that is “Premium Quality” only to find out that it is the complete opposite.

I have only one product that I recommend when I am asked for a Poly Tarp or Cover, and that is Canvacon – An all Australian Made Polyethylene Fabric.

Completely waterproof, UV Treated and designed for the harsh Australian Climate. We regularly use Canvacon for Agricultural Tarpaulins, Covers, Liners and Membranes.

Canvacon is available in a 260gsm and a 306gsm and offers superior strength to weight ratio, abrasion and tear resistance over all other Polyethylene fabrics on the market.

Fabrication: Many Tarp and Cover manufacturers who use Canvacon are still using the traditional sewing machine to make up their products.

Here at Marson Industries Australia P/L we fully weld our Tarps and Covers as this is the proven way to produce the best quality, longest lasting product. Sewing threads can rot and break over a short period of time rendering the cover unusable. Welding all the joins and edges of the Canvacon cover eliminates sewing, which greatly increases the life of the product.

Marson Tarps will stand the test of time – rain, hail or shine.


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February 12, 2021
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