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Canvas tarps or tarpaulins may be used for many different purposes. Quality canvas tarpaulins are excellent for protecting vehicles parked outside or anything else that needs to be covered and protected from the elements. Tarps are typically used as a type of outdoor covering and canvas tarps should be treated with waterproofing to make them stand up against the elements. Tarps are available in many different sizes, as well as materials.

The materials include canvas, polyethylene, mesh and vinyl. The type of material and the size of the tarp help determine its best use. Tarps are used in both individual and industrial applications.

  • Industrial Applications

Tarps are used in a number of different ways in an industrial setting. They are found in just about every area and there is no type of tarp specific to a certain industry. Generally, medium and heavy-duty tarps are used to cover equipment and vehicles. They may also be used to cover other types of materials, including grain, sand, and farm equipment. If a tarp is stretched over some type of frame, either steel or wood, the tarp may also be used as a canopy to provide protection.

Tarp canopies range in size and may be used to provide covering and protection for everything from a tractor to an airplane. Farmers often use tarps, especially heavy-duty waterproofed canvas tarps to protect both farm equipment and hay or stored grain.

Tarps are also often used in the trucking industry, especially to cover loads in the open back of a truck. Many states have regulations requiring that truckloads be covered so nothing can fly out of the truck while it is moving. This is important because anything flying out of the back of a truck could cause an accident or injury.

Imagine having gravel fly out and hit the windshield of the car behind the truck. It could break the window or startle the driver resulting in a bad accident or injury. The trucking industry uses all the various types of tarps, however, the waterproofed tarps are used most often.

This includes waterproofed canvas, vinyl and polyethylene materials. These types of tarps are used most often to provide cover for steel, lumber, and asphalt. Any of the types of tarps will provide adequate cover for these types of truck loads. It is important that the tarp is secured tightly to the truck so the nothing can fly out from under the tarp and that the tarp is strong enough to withstand the wind while the truck is moving.

  • Individual Or Personal Applications

Homeowners or others who have something that is outside and needs to be covered may find a tarp to be useful. Quality canvas tarpaulins may be used to cover anything from a grill on the deck to an automobile parked in the driveway. They are great for providing protection against the elements and may be secured to help keep them from blowing during inclement weather. Tarps are also great while camping. They can be stretched over a frame to provide a canopy or even draped over a line tied between two trees to create a tent.

Waterproofed tarps provide good protection from both wind and rain, as long as they are secured tightly so they do not fly away in a wind storm. Tarps may also be used to cover picnic tables, fishing equipment, or anything else which is stored outside on a campground. They are also very handy to use if ground seating is necessary and will provide protection against the damp and the dirt.

At home, tarps may be used to protect vehicles if there is no garage or another type of building available. The tarp can either be stretched over a steel or wood frame to provide a larger, open type of shelter or can be draped directly over the vehicle and tied down to provide protection from the elements. Tarps may also be used to provide protection for motorcycles, RVs, and boats if there is no building or garage available. The tarps will typically be secured around the vehicle by bungee cords.

There are other uses for tarps around the home. They can be used to provide shade over a garden or pool or be stretched over a frame and used to provide protection over an outdoor dining area. A tarp may be useful to lay on the ground when working on a vehicle, such as when changing oil or working on brakes.

A mesh tarp is often used to provide a bit of shade to a garden, yet allow enough light to pass through to keep the plants healthy. They may also be used over a frame to provide an outdoor area for preparing plants for the garden and for sorting and cleaning plants harvested from the garden.

Quality canvas tarpaulins are also great as dropcloths while painting or doing any type of remodeling work. Since they are available in a variety of sizes, they may be used to completely cover flooring or carpeting to protect against paint or wallpaper paste spills or drops. They are also very good to use as protection against wood dust when tearing down walls or sanding floors. They may be hung between doorways to help keep the wood dust from spreading throughout the house. Canvas tarps are the best for this purpose since they are better at trapping the wood dust particles.

Tarpaulins have many uses. Canvas tarps are usually waterproofed to help provide better protection against the elements.



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February 12, 2021
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