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Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Canvas Tarpaulins

Canvas is a great material and is eco-friendly in comparison to other options. It’s easier to recycle and made out of eco-friendly products so you’ll know the damage being done to the planet is minimal.

Our custome mde canvas tarps can be used in many different ways both in your business in your home and when campaing are just a few. Some applications of our canvas tarps are:

Canvas Mining Tarps & Covers

Our Quality, Industrial grade canvas tarpaulins, Covers & Liners are shipped Australia and worldwide to some of the worlds biggest Mining operations, , Oil & Gas Sites, Coal Mines, Gold Mines, Iron Ore sites, Nickle Mines, etc.

Canvas Covers for Industrial Machines

Ripstop canvas can be used for majority of industial machine covers and tarp needs. One of our latest canvas covers was used to protect this machine from flying debris. We used a WCT Ripstop Canvas due to its proven reliability and longevity. The result was a success, and our client joined our long list of satisfied customers.

Restaurant Canvas Covers

Using Canvas in an extraordinary way! We were contracted by a reputable Melbourne based interior design firm to fabricate and install 7 canvas covered frames for a new restaurant in Melbourne. This bespoke job shows the diverse and creative ways that canvas can be used, It also shows the high degree of expertise, craftsmanship and pride that we take in our work.

Custom Made Canvas Seat Covers

One of the weakest links in the truck care cycle is always going to be the upholstery, since it has to be made of comfortable materials, and still stand up to rugged usage. Rather than pay the high price of getting seats reupholstered it’s far cheaper to get some high quality, tough canvas seat covers, then replace those if they wear out instead.

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February 12, 2021
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