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Tarps, Covers & Liners. Industrial Textile Fabrication.

Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Custom Fabricated Liners, Tarpaulins and Covers Made In Australia Since 1968.

Fluid containment liners can be made in a wide variety of industrial fabrics, the important thing is to choose the correct material for the job.

Having been in operation since 1968, Marson Industries Australia has manufactured hundreds of thousands of varying types of Tarpaulins, Covers & Liners. This rich experience in industrial fabric knowledge allows us to offer a turn-key solution for a long lasting Liner, Tarp or Cover.

Over the years we have seen companies use the incorrect material to contain harsh or toxic fluids, for example Jet-Fuel. Jet Fuel liners require a specialised thermoplastic that resists fabric delamination and failure.

One current project we are working on is for a Helicopter refuelling company located in remote Western Australia. The customer required a jet fuel bund liner to eliminate spills within the holding bay where the fuel drums are stored.

The ideal solution was to use XR5 (8130) PVC/Elvaloy. Whilst a more expensive material, XR5 has been tested and used in Jet-Fuel containment for many years and comes with laboratory testing certificates.

The use of a standard PVC (600 to 900gsm) would have nearly halved the cost of the liners, but the compatibility of standard PVC with Jet-Fuel is low. The jet-fuel when in contact with standard PVC will begin eating away at the plastic coating very quickly and ultimately render the PVC liner inoperable.

All our liners are fully welded via a combination of Hot-Air & Hi-Frequency Welding. This manufacturing technique allows for a very strong fluid tight seal, eliminating leaks.

Materials we use can vary in weights, thickness and composition. Tarps, Liners and covers can be made in Industrial fabrics such as, Seaman Corp XR3 or XR5, Aqua mark Polypropylene, Canvacon Polyethylene, Tarpee Polyethylene, Titan FC9/900GSM Reinforced PVC, Fumathene PE or Fumatex PVC.

Being the cheapest is not our company focus, we believe in manufacturing Tarps, Covers and Liners with the highest quality at a fair and reasonable price. Investing in a quality Marson made industrial textile product will be beneficial for you and your company.




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February 12, 2021
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