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Custom Made Camping Tarpaulins

When most people think of camping with their family, they probably imagine things like singing songs around a campfire, hiking through beautiful scenery, and telling ghost stories late into the night. What they probably don’t consider is whether they’re choosing the right kind of camping tent.

But even if it’s not the most romantic thing to think about, picking the perfect tent makes a huge amount of difference in terms of how comfortable and enjoyable all members of the party find their trip. Having a mismatched tent can often be a recipe for a vacation related disaster, as not being able to sleep comfortable leaves a group anxious and short tempered.

Fortunately, there’s a way to always ensure that you have the perfect tent. While some people might recoil at the price tag associated with buying custom made camping tarpaulins, the reality is that the small premium that comes with custom ordering is a tiny price to pay for the improved comfort and utility these pieces of equipment can offer. The advantage of having a tent made to order is that you are free to customize every little feature and detail of the tarp.

By doing this, you ensure that you get an end product that is a perfect fit for you and your family, without having to make any compromises. Here are some of the benefits that a custom made camping tarpaulin can offer any family that enjoys the great outdoors.

  • More Effective Room

A factory designed and made tent can offer a lot of space, but can’t necessarily promise that the room will all be able to be utilized in an effective way. In many cases, it’s not the total square footage that matter, but how the layout of the square feet fit the requirements of the tent’s inhabitants.

When you order custom made camping tarpaulins, you get the final say in deciding exactly what shape the floor plan is going to take. This is often a huge asset, as each family has its own unique camping setup. While one family might like to only use the tent for keeping sleeping supplies like sleeping bags and air mattresses in, other families might like to set up a small table so everyone can play cards or board games late into the night.

The first family might benefit from a tent with a lot of floor space but not too much clearance, while the second probably needs an adequate amount of vertical room to sit comfortably in without having to bend your neck. These types of factors all go into the tent customizing process, which is what makes the final product such an amazing fit for any family.

  • Fit for a Family

Another challenge that many families that are on a camping trip might face is the problem of privacy. It can be a long and somewhat arduous trial to get small children into their clothes or pajamas, and having to do it while holding up a sheet or blanket to block them from their siblings or friends is the last thing any parent needs on their plate. Unfortunately, most all commercial tents do not have rooms or dividers of any sort, as these would make the products harder to sell to those who need to stow large objects in their tent and would find their efforts impeded by a fabric wall.

Custom made tents, on the other hand, can have as many different rooms as the creators desires. Since the person ordering the tent has a better idea of what their room requirements are, they can dictate how a tent’s internal space should be divided. Some services even offer the option of removal or restructure friendly tent dividers, which allows a tarpaulin to go from an open daytime construction to a more divided night appropriate format with ease.

  • Prioritizing Pets

One of the reasons a lot of people do not go camping is that there is no easy solution for their dog or cat. To keep them in a kennel would be expensive and cruel feeling, while taking them along is difficult because there is no good place to keep them at night. Custom made tents can be designed with a specific space for dogs or cats to stay, which makes bringing them along a much easier decision.

  • Better Weather Appropriateness

Finally, custom made camping tarpaulins are all designed with a particular region’s climate or other environmental demands in mind. Wetter and more rainy areas demand improved waterproofing measures, while hot regions are best suited by tents that have removal panels that allow air circulation.

If your family often camps in areas that have a lot of insects, flaps can be lined with a durable mesh that acts as insect netting. Tents can even be designed to float, in case your camping area experiences a flood.

And the best part is that every custom ordered camping tent is individually designed and made by hand, which means that each component of the tent’s construction is more detailed and durable. This ensure that all features, whether designed to make handling rain, snow, wind, sun, or fog easier are promised to last for years to come.

In essence, custom made camping tarps are a great investment. They offer supreme utility, greatly improved comfort, and an extremely long lifespan when compared to commercially available tents.

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February 12, 2021
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