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Tarps, Covers & Liners. Industrial Textile Fabrication.

Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Does Size Matter?

No it does not! Marson Industries caters for all size projects from large scale mining Tarps and Covers down to small sized covers, satchels and bags.

Our manufacturing process is able to adapt to produce whatever you or your business requires. We are regularly contacted to design and fabricate small items such these small 900gsm PVC covers, these items are designed to house and protect an electronic data device that is attached via Velcro to race horse saddles, giving the trainers detailed data of the horses performance. The items are being sent worldwide, so the PVC covers needed to be robust and reliable, Marson Industries designed the cover to meet those requirements.

Many companies also contact us to manufacture there items as our quality is superior to what they are currently sourcing from China. Australian made is regarded as one of the highest qualities available.

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to learn more about our range of Australian Made Tarps.

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February 12, 2021
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