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Geomembrane Spill Bunds & Containment Liner Tarps

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The use of flexible fabrics for the containment of fuels, chemicals and fluids is becoming more and more popular due to its relatively low cost and ease of transport to remote sites.

Flexible liners, also called Spill Bunding, Berms, Geomembrane or Floor Tarps/Tarpaulins are custom made in our Melbourne facility and transported to any location worldwide, allowing the end user to quickly deploy and install.

Once the liners have been correctly installed they provide a 100% impermeable barrier, eliminating dangerous and polluting chemicals, fuels or fluids from contaminating the surrounding area, drains, rivers or groundwater.

The correct choice in Liner material is paramount so that the contained liquid does not damage the fabric. Industrial Liner material such as XR5 PVC/Elvaloy offers exceptional chemical and fuel resistance, Superior UV-Resistance, Low Thermal Expansion and Contraction, Superior Tensile and punctures resistance and has a thickness of 30.0mm/1017GSM. Marson Industries Australia P/L have for many years used and recommended XR5 for a wide range of containment applications such as  mining locations in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Fuel containment and environmental protection in Afghanistan.

Many companies will take shortcuts by offering alternative materials that don’t meet the specifications of XR5, some use Polypropylene which in some applications can crack due to its stiffness and high thermal expansion.  The resulting outcome causing huge costs in clean-up costs and fines. It always disappoints us when someone from our industry cuts corners to reduce cost and to secure orders. We here at Marson Industries Australia have a strict quality assurance program and material compatibility skills to offer a liner. Spill bund or tarp to surpass your requirements and expectations.

Fabrication methods also play a very big part in the way that the liner performs. There are 3 options available to correctly join and seam thermoplastic liner fabrics, they are:

  • Hot Wedge Welding:  This method relies on the thermoplastic material to pass over a 400 to 500 degree Celsius metal wedge which melts the surface coating of the fabric. The fabric then passes through two correctly positioned silicon rollers forming a perfect overlap weld, Edge seam weld, Pocket or Rope reinforced hem. We have many varying types of Hot Wedge Welders in our facility allowing us to perform many varied jobs.
  • Hot Air Welding: Another form of direct heat welding that can be used to accomplish a wide range of welds such as, Overlap and butt-seam tape welds, Webbing edge and tension strap welds, Pocket and sleeve welds and standard hem welds. This method involves a stream of super-hot air passing over the surface of the fabric melting the thermoplastic coating. Coating can be Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinylchloride, Polyurethane, XR5, Aeon or Hypalon as hot air works well with all plastic coated fabrics. A series of tensioned rollers made from Silicon or metal then press the two layers of fabric together forming a very reliable impermeable seal. Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd has different types of Hot Air Welders in our factory to cater for a wide range of applications such as Liners, Tarps and Covers. We offer both stationary Hot Air Welding and Hot Air Floor Welders and are fully computer controlled to ensure a quality assured result.
  • High Frequency Welding: Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd has a varied range of HF welding machines to perform a wide range of welding styles. High Frequency Welding uses Radio Frequency waves emitted between a bottom welding platen and top welding bar or die. The radio Frequency wave in turn melts the coating of the material and allows it to be pressure sealed. The styles of weld can vary greatly from flat or serrated bar welding in widths of 5mm up to 100mm or die welding of various shapes for corner reinforcing, tie lugs, Valves, Handles and plugs. High frequency welding can be used on Polyvinylchloride and Polyurethane coated fabrics only.

Once we have completed manufacturing our range of liquid containment liners and bunds they go through a strict quality control procedure. This ensures that all welds are checked for leaks, imperfections and blemishes. Staff then double check all measurements and will then perform the correct packaging technique.

Liquid Containment Liners, Tarpaulins, Spill Containment Bunds, Pillow Tanks, Water Bladders and PVC Covers all require specific packaging to allow the end user trouble free and quick installation.

The end destination also plays a big part in packaging, we offer full export grade heat treated wooded pallets, Cases and Crates for Liners being sent clients overseas. We make sure no sharp edges come in contact with the Liner Fabric during transit.

Many of our Tarpaulins, Liners and Fuel Bunding is sent via Air-Freight,  so we here at Marson Industries Australia put in place our Air-Cargo procedure to ensure all goods pass through customs without any issues.

We are able to package full 20ft and 40ft Shipping Containers for extremely large Liners and Tarps to almost any port around the globe. You name it and chances are we have sent it there!


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February 12, 2021
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