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Whether you are in search of a way to protect your valuables when you move or to keep a wood-pile dry in the winter months, the correct tarp type can offer you with a variety of benefits. Industrial canvas tarps are valuable tools if you are looking for a way to keep outdoor machinery safe in association to the elements or to keep your upholstery and furniture safe when you paint. Here is guide you can use when it comes to investing in industrial canvas tarps.

The Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are durable and tough and are created from absorbent materials that offer nonslip surfaces. However, canvas is a not a naturally waterproof material. However, you can choose a treated canvas so that it offers flame and water resistant characteristics. Canvas happens to be a breathable fabric which means it won't trap condensation or heat. This is a long-lasting and durable material when it is maintained in the correct manner.

Common Applications

  •  Construction covers
  •  Equipment and machinery covers
  •  Tool and supply covers
  •  Floor covers for the purpose of painting
  •  Salvage covers

Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps happen to be one of the more popular choices in tarpaulins, particularly among the industrial customers. Today there are a variety of manufacturers that fabricate their tarps to the specific requirements of their customers. The canvas tarps have been used for a significant amount of applications. If you are in search of a tarpaulin and you have been thinking about canvas as the material, here are a few important considerations you need to be aware about when it comes to this specific option.

What Is Canvas And What Are The Main Benefits

Many industrial consumers today praise canvas in association to its high durability along with a lower environmental impact. The canvas tarps are created with the use of 100% cotton duck-fibers, which is very unlike the poly or PVC tarps which are created with the use of polyethylene or polypropylene. This makes this choice in fabric a friendlier choice in association to the environment, while at the same time maintaining the versatility and longevity that the industrial canvas tarps are so well-known for.

The Unique Qualities Of Canvas Tarps

  •  Water-Resistant

This is one of the weaknesses of the canvas tarps in association to the fact that they are not 100% waterproof. At the very most they can be regarded as water-resistant that will mean that they are able to withstand water exposure that is mild for brief time periods.

  •  Slip Proof

Unlike the poly and PVC tarps, the canvas tarp presents a non-slip surface which makes them the better choice if work-safety happens to be one of the main priorities.

  •  Breathable

The natural breathable nature in regards to canvas allows for the free flow of air which assists in keeping away rust and condensation. For this reason the canvas tarp is an excellent choice to protect items or devices that are prone to rust. Due to the breathability of this material, the canvas tarp is also used widely for the transport of produce such as fruit and vegetables as it decreases sweating.

Canvas Tarp Types

  •  Treated

The canvas tarps that are treated feature specialized protective elements that assist in resting aspects such as rotting, mildew and mold or UV exposure.

  •  Untreated

The untreated canvas tarp is available in its woven and natural form. This material is water resistant but not waterproof. This means it is only suitable for certain types of conditions.

  •  Flame Retardant

In most cases treated canvas tarps are capable in regards to withstanding mildew, mold, rot and water but not flames from a fire. However, some manufacturers offer flame-retardant treatments which make the canvas industrial tarps safer to use in a number of industrial settings.

What Are Canvas Tarps Good For?

The canvas tarps that have been treated are used commonly to offer protection in regards to the elements. For this reason that are commonly useful for these applications:

  •  Residential- The canvas tarps are the ideal choice for home use as they are easier to store and handle when compared to poly or PVC tarps. They are useful to cover up items in a shed or garage or to temporarily cover furniture.


  •  Construction- These tarps are also extremely useful in regards to offering a cover and protection for construction materials like metal, lumber, sand, wood, gravel along with a host of other items such as construction equipment and tools.


  •  Farming- Canvas is also able to protect farming equipment of an industrial grade as it offers breathability characteristics which protects against rusting. This assists in storing equipment while at the same time increasing the life-span of this type of equipment.


  •  Transportation- The canvas tarps are also a popular choice to transport fresh produce.

The untreated tarps made out of canvas are a natural material which is not water-proof. These types of tarps are mainly used for applications such as:

  •  Hay Tarps- The untreated canvas features a natural breathability benefit. This makes these types a good choice for agriculture customers who are in search of a way to protect farm goods and hay.


  •  Painting- Natural and untreated canvas offers an excellent textured surface which offer outstanding "drop sheets" in regards to professional painters.

How Are Canvas Tarps Applied Or Used?

The canvas industrial tarps are typically fastened into position using their built-in grommets. In order to ensure integrity of this material is maintained, the edges of these tarps are typically stitched and finished.

Limitations Of Canvas Tarps

There are not really no limitations when it comes to canvas tarps as they happen to be one of the more harder wearing choices when it comes to tarp fabrics. Canvas tarps provide outstanding exposure in regards to UV and are suitable for an extensive array of applications.

5 Things You Should Know Before You Invest In Canvas Tarps

Vinyl is one of the more popular choices in materials for truckers in search of durable tarps. This is one of the best solutions for the flatbed-truck tarps as they are extremely flexible, rugged and lightweight. However, there are many cases when vinyl is not the ideal choice in a tarp, and this is when many consumer turn to canvas as the material of choice.

The industrial canvas tarps are the solution for specific types of loads as they are less abrasive and more breathable. Here are some of the key factors about the canvas tarps which will offer you with more information before you decide to buy your next tarp.

  •  Different Grades

Similar to the vinyl flatbed-truck tarp types, canvas is available in a variety of grades that range from light onto heavy duty. The heavy-duty models are suitable for the industrial environments when loads are often exposed to conditions that are harsh which can include extreme cold or hot or even chemicals.

  •  Water-Resistance Vs Waterproof- The Difference

When shopping around for a canvas tarp, you will most likely notice that they are advertised as water-resistant. After the manufacturing process, these materials are often coated using wax in order to assist in repelling moisture. However, this does not mean that the material is 100% waterproof. If the canvas tarp is advertised as waterproof, keep in mind that it has lost the majority of its breathability. If you want a canvas tarp that is 100% waterproof they are available for order with a variety of manufacturers.

  •  Canvas Requires More Care

Canvas is generally not the main material of choice when it comes to truck tarps due to the fact that they necessitate more care when compared to a material such as PVC or vinyl. It is a known fact that the truck drivers are aware that they have no need to pamper their vinyl tarp in order to ensure they remain in a good working condition. Vinyl is the type of material that is able to take a lot of wear-and-tear. Canvas on the other hand can be prone to tearing and when untreated are also prone to growing mildew or mold. While you may not require a pair of white-gloves to handle a canvas tarp, you will need to be a lot more deliberate when it comes to applying canvas tarps as well as taking caution to ensure they are completely dry before you fold them up.

  •  Canvas Is Complementary To Vinyl

Another important consideration when it comes to canvas is to do with that it serves the purpose of complementing vinyl, but it should not be a replacement. In more simple terms, an average type of flatbed trucker will require a selection of the vinyl flatbed-truck tarps in order to cover a variety of load types. Canvas in these situations is not a suitable for all types of situations. For trucking purposes it is advisable to have a couple of canvas tarps when they are needed, but rather keep a bigger selection of the vinyl tarps for the majority of work.

  •  Canvas Is Outstanding For Equipment Loads

The more common loads hauled with the industrial canvas tarps will be the equipment loads. Canvas is a suitable material to choose when hauling farm, industrial and construction equipment. Treated canvas also offers flame-retardant characteristics which offer a safer choice in certain environments where there may be combustible materials that are close by.


Canvas tarps are versatile, durable and a more eco-friendly choice. They also feature a number of unique features which make these tarps effective for coverings particularly in the machinery, construction as well as farming industries. One of the standout features are inclusive of their unique breathability and their slip-proof surfaces. Even though the canvas tarps are rated as higher in cost and offer lower weatherproof ratings when compared to other tarp materials they are still in high-demand in regards to a number of industries.

If you have decided that canvas is the ideal choice of material for your choice in a tarp, make sure you research the variety of options through a number of wholesale and retail sites on the Internet. Many of these manufacturers have a specialty in tarpaulin fabrication which makes it an easier task to find the right tarp for your specific purposes. This can include exact sizes along with just the right fitting options. It is always advisable to shop around and compare prices before deciding on where to buy your canvas tarps.

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February 12, 2021
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