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Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Marson Industries Australia P/L – Marson, in the Global Market

Hi and welcome to our October 2012 blog. It’s been a very busy year so far with all of us working flat out on some very large orders for specialised tarps being sent to places such as Papua New Guinea and the Pilbara. These specialised custom made covers have been made from a 700GSM ripstop PVC (Sioen b8702) due to the extreme weather conditions associated with these remote locations. Marson Industries Australia Pty Ltd was chosen as the preferred fabricator due to our attention to detail and proven track record in supplying such products.

Orders for our freight tarps have seen us manufacturing and sending goods all over Australia. Victoria has seen a very wet winter and demand for our Ripstop PVC and Canvas covers has been at an all time high. Feedback from all our customers has been positive and many new customers have been referred from other satisfied companies using our Aussie made Tarps and covers.

Construction, roofing and hire tarps has been steady and have seen many new customers sourcing an Australian made Tarp due to it’s reliability and superior UV resistance. Marson Industries Australia, as an Australian manufacture, have been able to meet these demands for quality. And to date all feedback from this sector has been very positive. (Some companies are now importing pre-made hire and roofing tarps direct from China and many are having problems with UV and leaking due to the quality being cheap and inferior) I guess the saying “you get what you pay for” comes into effect with tarps as well. BUY AUSTRALIAN MADE !! CHOOSE MARSON INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA P/L.

Summing up, we still have many orders for custom one off products for specialised Canvas, PVC and mesh goods being sent all over Australia and the world. This is an Interesting market as some of our products end up in many interesting and far away places such as Aussie made FR Treated Canvas covers for India and Aussie made Canvacon poly fabric carry bags being sent to the United States.

Until next time.


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