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Poly Tarps – Which One To Buy?

Choosing the right Polytarp can be difficult, you want something that will work, not leak water, be UV treated and most of all be – Not Expensive. Having been in the Tarp business for 50 years, Marson Tarps offer the best Polytarps in Australia! Our Covershield 9000 is a high quality, UV treated, fully waterproof – 330GSM tarp. Engineered to the highest of standards, our Covershield 9000 POLYTARPS are used by thousands of companies around Australia.

We offer a range of size from 2.5m x 3.0 all the way up to a massive 12m x 21m. These Polytarps are used for covering a wide range of equipment, machinery, stockpiles, caravans, farming, haystacks, party tarps, mining equipment, sports grounds etc. We also manufacture a wide range of super industrial grade Ripstop PVC and Canvas Tarps for applications such as Truck covers, Mining Tarps and industrial equipment. Marson Industries Australia (Marson Tarps) – We are the Tarp expert for 50 Years. Call 1300 856 686 – Delivery Australia Wide – FAST!

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February 12, 2021
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