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Portable Spill Containment Berms

Matters of the environmental protection have come to the forefront in recent times. Most of the economic activities have to incorporate environmental protection into consideration while they conduct their business. This is especially the case when you the content in question is a liquid that can give rise to devastating effects when it spills to the environment.

In many jurisdictions, businesses dealing with toxic liquids, or liquids that have the potential to pollute the environment such as oil, are required to take measures to preserve the environment, by reducing the risk of liquid spillage to the minimum possible. One way businesses achieve is by using berms.

Berms are containment systems that are very designed to collect any spilled liquid. Portable spill containment berms, on the other hand, tend to add a touch of portability to the system, making it easier to transport and use the berms in remote areas. The technology making these spill containment systems are continuously evolving to the point that the market is flooded with different option of portable berms.

Having the market flooded with variety creates a unique problem in itself in that many consumers find it very difficult to choose one system from the plethora of choices that they have. This is especially the case when the buyer is a first-time buyer as more often than not, such buyers do not have an intricate understanding of the various systems and how each system functions.

Herein is a brash though of the various elements that buyers should look for in portable spill containment berms. Considering the myriad of choices that buyers have in their hands, it is best to have in mind the pertinent characteristics of effective berms.

  • The Quality Of Material Used In Making The Spill Containment Berm

The very first element to consider while purchasing a berm is the material used to make portable spill containment berms. The material should obviously be heavy duty and strong enough to withstand the rigors of continuous usage. Additionally, the material used should be capable of withstanding corrosion and any other degenerative reaction that can arise from contact with the liquid your business deals with.

One good material that has been proven to perform both the above function effectively is polymer-coated fabrics. Other less commonly used materials that are available (owing to their costs) include vinyl reinforced rubber, or even Kevlar reinforced rubber.

To ensure that you get a berm that is made of the highest quality possible, you should conduct a thorough research. In this regard, you should make use of the customer service of the prospective vendors to find out more about the materials they use to make their berms with. Correlate the information that they give you with your needs as well as any other research you conduct about the material, in an effort to ensure you pick the right berm material possible.

  • The Size of The Spill Containment Berm

The size of the berm should also be on your mind all the while. Ensuring that your berm is the right size for your need will make things easier. While considering the size of the berm, you should note that the bigger the berms are the bulkier the what smaller berms will be. However, smaller sized berms may not be capable of covering the vehicle or liquid container entirely. Therefore, you should make the right compromise between the size of the berm and the bulkiness you have to carry around.

One way to go around this is to shop for portable spill containment berms from vendors with a capability of making custom berms. This will ensure that you get the right fit for the size of the vessel you use to carry your liquid.

  • The Locking Mechanism Of The Side-Wall System In Place

It is important to understand the various locking mechanisms that come with berms. In this regard, there are side walls that use hinges, air pressure, foam, flexible walls and snap up mechanisms to keep the walls in place. Each and every system has its own advantages in as far as usability and effectiveness of performing the intended function are concerned.

You should make a point of analyzing the various side-wall mechanisms that available and choosing the most effective wall for your specific needs.

  • Ease Of Set-Up

Ease of setting up the berm should also be considered. This is because it influences the amount of time taken up setting up and the amount of labor that is needed to set up the berm. All these factors greatly influence the effectiveness of the berm and the usability of the berm.

  • Capacity Of The Spill Containment Berm

Finally, you should consider the carrying capacity of the berm. Depending on the typical amount of liquid you vessel carry, you should choose a berm that meets the regulation concerning the usage of berms.

  • Optional Add-Ons That You Should Consider

A Ground Mat ñ A ground mat offers an additional layer of protection to the floor of the berm. The ground mat is usually made of heavy duty rubber. This material is better capable of withstanding piercing gravel, uneven surface or even asphalt surfaces that may compromise the floor of the berm. This reduces the risk of contamination of the environment significantly.

The above consideration will ensure that you maintain utmost protection of the environment whilst making sure that you have to get value for the money you spend.

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February 12, 2021
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