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Portable Spill Containment Bunds Selection

In order to protect the environment, your company has to adhere to all safety procedures regarding potential chemical or oil spills. Plant rooms have to be bunded and waterproofed to contain any leaks that may come from faltering tanks or pipes. But, you also need portable spill containment bunds, ramps and other accessories to help your employees move quickly and efficiently to contain spills in the event they happen.

Even if small spills occur, you want all the supplies you need available to prevent them from worsening. In addition to having all the proper clean-up and storage equipment, you need to be sure all employees are properly trained at handling them. For this reason, you must form a relationship with a maker, supplier or distributor of portable spill containment bunds and other hazardous material clean up supplies.

Selection of Spill Containment Supplies

Spill containment bunds come in an array of sizes. Choose as many sizes as you need so that your plant always has just what it needs to take care of any spill or leak situation, no matter how minor or severe.

Collapsible bunds are lightweight, affordable and convenient items to have to clean up small spills or leaks quickly. These are great for temporary storage you can port and move anywhere with ease. Just as they sound, they are collapsible units made of PVC which makes them durable and sturdy. These come in a variety of sizes and can hold hundreds of litres of liquids.

These are ideal for getting chemicals, oils and greases out of the way of employees in the plant. They can be erected simply by snapping them up and out. They contain batons, which are already in place, to offer the sturdiness needed to get the cleaning done fast. Keep them near your plant machinery, drums or tanks. If you cannot find a standard size that works for you, ask your company for a custom-made product.

To capture drips and overflows, choose small or mini-bunds. These portable spill containment bunds  are made of polyethylene which resists most chemicals, oils and fuels. These are only for temporary situations, to keep leaks at bay and so forth, so be sure to look for larger drum bunds for more emergent situations.

One-drum sized bunds are capable of storing and transporting just one drum. These are also great for catching spills from any drums. They can be forklifted up and out of the plant. These, too, are constructed from polyethylene which resists an array of chemicals, fuels, oils and greases.

Two-drum bunds hold two drums at once. These can be held with pallets as well as the bunds. Some of them are made of polyethylene and others are made of galvanized steel.

For more protection, order and place four-drum bunds in strategic places in the plant. These and their accompanying  pallets are ideal for when you need to bund up to four 205-litre sized drums. The pallets include bunds with solid or grated decks. These are usually removable so you can arrange them as needed. For even more protection, look for similar products to hold up to six or eight drums at once.

For containers that hold over 1,000 litres of liquid, look for IBC-type portable spill containment bunds. These intermediate bulk container bunds are made to hold the weight of the container and can also be moved out of the area safely with a forklift.

The load in IBC containment bund is transfered straight to the base of the bund through folded and welded stainless steel support legs. If the item being moved is capable of corroding stainless steel, look for other options to support these bunds.

Remember, that no matter what your plant needs, you must get supplies from a company that offers a complete range of spill control equipment including absorbents for oil and chemical spills, together with an array of marine oil spill supplies, dangerous good storage containers and other containment solutions. It helps to have spill containment and clean up kits placed near all bunds and pallets.

Be sure that all employees know what to do in the event of a drip, leak or a spill. Everyone must know which supplies to choose from the spill kits and the manner in which the leaking drum should be removed from the area to a bund and pallet. If training is needed, your bund containment supplier should have plenty of training DVDs or videos for all products they sell available for purchase or download.

You need a close relationship with your spill containment distributor or manufacturer. Remember, too, that any feedback you can give them will help them continue to develop the most effective clean up products and solutions. Whether your company is in the oil or gas, mining, logistics, construction or manufacturing industry, you need a spill control company that can accommodate any need you have.

The right spill control company adheres to all government agency protocols worldwide, including those in Australia, the EPA in the USA and all other countries across the globe. You have environmental obligations, so go with a company that maintains your local safety standards with the products they make. If you need anything you cannot find in your spill control company’s catalog, always ask for a custom-made item and they will be sure to accommodate your request to help you help keep the environment safe.

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February 12, 2021
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