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PVC Spill Containment Bunds

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Your company must adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations regarding potential oil, gas, chemical or other spills. This is why you must find a quality manufacturer of spill containment products. These products should be made to accommodate the needs of any type of company whether it is in the industry of manufacturing, construction, oil, gas or mining.

You need an entire line of spill containment and storage products from PVC spill containment binds to absorbent wipes, incinerators, ramps, pallets and first aid materials. You must be sure that all the products you choose from your spill control manufacturer are capable of resisting corrosion for storage purposes and are capable of resisting the effects of the various chemicals present in your plant.

  • Dealing with Plant Spills Large or Small

You work hard to make sure all chemicals are stored properly and you work equally hard to be sure that all employees are trained at storing these items correctly and working around them safely. Yet, no matter how safe your plant and protocol are, accidents or leaks can happen.

For this reason, you need all the supplies that will help contain small spills and keep them from getting larger. Among the most convenient items to have are PVC spill containment binds. These are your essentials for containing a drum right away, for instance, if it begins to leak.

  • Choices for PVC Spill Containment Bunds

Choosing PVC spill containment binds can be a challenge. They come in sizes as small as a carafe or as large as a railroad car. They can be made from solid PVC or PVC material that allows the bind to collapse and expand. Collapsible binds are perfect for carrying away small spills quickly with ease. Larger PVC bunds are ideal for holding items like drums, as mentioned, when they show signs of leaks. You can select the right type of bund by knowing the number of litres you need them to hold in the event of a spill.

Collapsible bunds are made of durable PVC to resist chemicals and oils. These are perfect for erecting in a hurry and carrying the spills off and away from any employees. They are lightweight, but the PVC material allows them to be as sturdy as you need them to be. You will want to have many of these on hand to store near drums, tanks or your plant’s machinery. Ask your spill containment company for help in selecting the right size bunds if you are unsure.

Small PVC bunds are ideal for drips that occur on the job. They are made to resist any oils, fuels or chemicals but are no bigger than a jug or carfare. These are ideal for temporary situations.

PVC drum-sized bunds will help you store or move one full 205-litre drum. If any drums leak, you can easily move them to the bund to control things. These drum-sized PVC bunds are capable of being forklifted away. When you need more room in a bund, choose two-drum or four-drum bunds. You can store these on PVC or galvanized steel pallets. .

Pallets are an essential item to get along with the PVC spill containment bunds. They can hold an array of drums and other containers and can often be snapped together to accommodate more items. Pallets can be purchased with solid decks or grated decks. You can also choose to buy ramps for the pallets to make moving bunded drums safer and easier.  Drums can be placed on dollies and rolled up the ramp onto the pallet without jostling the contents.

When you need containers for more than 1000 litres or liquid, choose IBC spill containment bunds. These can also be moved from the area with a forklift. Their pallets are made with stainless steel welded legs and these can safely hold the weight of the bund. Choose different materials for containers that hold chemicals that can corrode stainless steel.

  • Obtaining High Quality PVC Spill Containment Bunds

Find a company that is known for adhering to strict government guidelines and regulations regarding environmental hazards when choosing a company from which to buy your spill containment items. You want to buy an entire range of goods, including clean up kits, and place them near all bunds or tanks.

Also, make sure anytime you introduce new containers your employees know what to do if a spill or leak happens. Everyone should know what supplies they need to reach for first and how to use them to remove the leaking item from the area.

You should have regular safety training sessions in accordance with your local governing laws. Always have plenty of first aid kits situated in the plant and be sure to replace them regularly so that all the contents, such as eye washes, are within any expiration dates.

Choosing the right spill control supplier that does adhere to government environmental regulations is easy. These companies will indicate which regulations and authorities their products’ standards are made to meet. You can view any of the products they have at their websites. If you do not see something you need, always ask. They may be able to custom make a bund, pallet or container for you.

You can do your part to keep the environment safe, your workers safe and your productivity up no matter what your industry is by choosing all the best spill containment supplies and accessories.


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February 12, 2021
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