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The importance of Schools Kinders and Childcare centres having good quality Sandpit Covers is Paramount. Our premium grade, UV stabilised, non-shrink material SAND-MESH covers, stop debris such as leaves and sticks from entering the sandpit. Also the covers stop pests such as Cats and possums from soiling the sand, a leading cause of disease and illness in children.

We offer two variants of cover, the first is a weighted chain edge. This method has an anti-rust metal chain enclosed within an edge seam of the cover. The weighted edge adds just enough weight to the sandpit cover to stop it blowing away. These covers also incorporate heavy duty webbing handles.

The second option is the traditional Bungee and hook set up. The use of this method is suitable for timber edged sandpits and incorporates a child safe dome hook. The bungee ties are all Australian made and wont fail due the ties having a high UV rating.

Our custom made sandpit covers are manufactured by us, here in Melbourne and we only use UV treated, long lasting materials that will stand the test of time, rain hail or shine.

Your investment in one of our custom manufactured Sandpit Covers guarantees you many years of trusted protection against animals and debris from soiling and contaminating your centres sandpit.

Marson Industries is Australia’s leading manufacture of a wide and diverse range of custom made industrial fabric solutions, we invite you to contact us to discuss your Sandpit Cover requirements.

Generally, most sandpit covers can be made by simply providing us the size and shape required enabling us to manufacture and send your cover to any location within Australia at a very competitive cost. For customers looking for an on-site measure and design service we are more than happy to accommodate that requirement as well.

Choosing the correct material for your cover is important, some companies will use shadecloth however this will through time shrink and be inadequate to properly cover for your sandpit.

The use of waterproof canvas or PVC is again unsuitable as rainwater will collect and pool on top of the cover – This becomes a very dangerous situation in that the cover now takes on a mini-swimming pool effect and is a drowning hazard for toddlers – so stay clear of waterproof covers for sandpits.


Having been in business for so long we have developed a wide range of cost effective, reliable and proven Industrial Textiles exclusively manufactured for use by our company only.

Our exclusive Sand-Mesh is a 310GSM Non-Shrink; Air Permeable PVC coated Mesh designed for sandpit covers. It features a non-toxic UV treated coating and is the trusted choice among hundreds (if not thousands) of Kindergartens, Schools, Day-Care centres and sporting clubs throughout Australia.

We’ve made the process of fabric selection for you easy – Simply Choose Titan Sand Mesh!

Cover Styles

  • Weighted edge: Suited for all size and shaped sandpits including rock-edged pits. The weighted edge is by far the most popular style of cover due to its ability to simply lay flat on top of your sand. The cover has a “weighted” chain encapsulated within the edges of the material. This provides just the right weight to keep the cover in position without blowing away and eliminates animals from gaining entry to the sand. It also stops debris such as leaves and twigs from soiling the sand. The covers have strong webbing handles integrated into its design.
  • Bungee Loops: This style of cover is ideally suited for sandpits that are square or rectangle and have a timber or concrete frame. The covers have a reinforced edge to eliminate tearing, then we attach strong metal eyelets and UV treated Bungee Loops so that your cover can be securely attached to the surrounding timber frame or concrete edge via your choice of ground anchor. We offer a few different styles of ground anchors such as a standard Bungee Knob or hook or the child-safe Dome-Hook.