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Spill Containment Trays

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If you have to deal with small spills regularly then you need to know the answer to the question: What are spill containment trays? Read on to learn about spill containment trays that could be the simple yet effective solution that you have been searching for.

If the spills you deal with at you facility are only limited to the small ones, but they happen frequently, you do not want to go for spill berms or palettes since this would be overkill.

So, how do you keep those spills contained so that they never drip off the table and ruin your floor?

Letís assume that you or your employees are working with small quantities of different chemicals and you would like to ensure that none of them go astray. Maybe you or your employees are mixing them for experimentation or are coming up with new, customized solutions. In any event, you or your employees will be working on a desk or work table.

Spill containment trays are the perfect solution for preventing drips and spills. You can place them on desks and tables and they work quite well as work surfaces. Just place all the chemicals you will be working with on top of them to contain any possible spills.

You might be wondering exactly how much they can handle. Well, they can handle up to 5 gallons. This means that you shouldnít have any overflow problems even when dealing with mid-size spills. You will realize that you probably wonít even come close to the capacity of these trays.

Obviously, in case you do have spills, containment is just half of the story. You still need clean up.

Spill pads are the ideal solution for the kind of cleanup you will most likely do when working with a spill containment tray.

Thatís right. Spill pads are small, handy, you can cut them to your desired size, and they are great at absorbing fluids. They are available in hazmat, universal, or oil only versions meaning that you can get them for the types of fluids you will be handling.

Spill pads are quite economical. They are inexpensive to begin with and are available in rolls or big boxes meaning that you can cut off what you need. For greater absorption power, they are dimpled and you can get them lint free too if you go for the higher quality versions.

If you work in a lab where many different people are handling lots of different chemicals but in small doses, spill containment trays offer excellent work surfaces. In terms of the inevitable cleanup, you should have a good supply of spill pads handy.

The combination of spill pads and spill containment trays works well to prevent messes from occurring in the first place. It is a small investment but the payoff can be huge especially in terms of increased safety.

Now that you have the answer to the question: What are spill containment trays? Now is the time to learn about how to choose the right ones for your business.

Choosing Spill Containment Trays For Your Business

Different manufacturers have spill containment trays in different sizes ranging from counter sizes to 55 gallon drum trays. You can use the trays for a variety of different purposes throughout your facility including:

  •     For storing small parts
  •     For transporting tools, parts, or maintenance supplies
  •     Under containers during transportation
  •     Under batteries for containing acid leaks
  •     Under liquids such as chemicals, paints, and gasoline containers on racks or shelves
  •     For the containment of leaks from vehicles, equipment, or machinery
  •     For the containment of spills when working with liquids

Spill containment trays are usually made out of PVC, polythene, or HDPE thus making them quite long lasting and durable. Most of them have flat bottoms, are nestable for easy storage when not in use, and will not corrode or rust. Since they are made of plastic, they are usually quite easy to clean.

Spill containment trays are of three main types:

  • Utility Trays

The utility trays come in a huge variety of sizes having sidewalls ranging from 2 inches to 4.75 inches. In addition to the standard type of utility tray made of polythene, some manufacturers offer specialty trays for under racks for containment of leaks as well as other portable models that fold up for easier storage in vehicles or on shelves.

  • Spill Trays

Spill trays resemble miniature spill palettes since they come with grates. You can also buy them without the grates. A unique thing about spill trays is that they have an optional dolly that makes it easy to move them around.

  • Lab Trays

Lab trays can easily fit on tables and work benches and are perfect for handling smaller containers in testing areas, pharmacies, laboratories, or medical facilities. Since they are inexpensive, easy to clean, and nestable, you can have them on hand for use under chemicals or under batteries stored on shelves to help you contain drips or leaks.


This article set out to answer the question: What are spill containment trays? Well, it has delivered as promised and even went further to discuss complementary products such as the spill pads as well as the different types of spill containment trays. It has also discussed how to choose the best spill containment trays. Based on the information gleaned from this article you are now in a much better position to choose the best one for your business.


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February 12, 2021
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