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Tennis Fence Screening

  • Where To Buy Discount Tennis Fence Screening

If you play the game of tennis, you know how important it is to have proper tennis fence screening in place. Not only does it provide you with some amount of privacy, limiting your distractions, but it can also be used to prevent the wind from coming in. Many tennis courts are in positions where they are open to downdraft that come from mountain ranges, especially after one o’clock in the afternoon.

This can make it very difficult to play the game because you will be unable to get a solid hit on the ball as the wind can change its trajectory. This article will discuss the different types of tennis screening that can be used for tennis, and show you where to get this at the most affordable price.

  • The Origins Of Tennis Fence Screens

More than likely this was the result of an players that became disenchanted with the game as a result of their tennis courts being open, making it difficult to play past late morning, due to their climate and the conditions of the wind. Throughout the year, the winds can change dramatically from simply being a light breeze to gusts of wind that can make it almost impossible to play the game throughout the day.

This type of screening is actually a mesh that will easily attach to rot iron fences, chain-link fences, or any type of fence that has slats that will allow the breeze to come onto the court. There are mesh screens that can actually accommodate fences that are 12 feet tall or greater, providing not only resistance to the wind, but plenty of visibility due to their construction.

  • What Material Are The Made Of?

The type of material will depend upon the manufacturer, the cost of the mesh screens, and how large they are going to be. In most cases, they are made of some type of vinyl, the same material that is used on fences at baseball fields and other places where sporting events are played. One of the more popular ones are the green vinyl fences, used on 12 foot tall fences that are 9 feet tall, and can be installed in a couple different ways.

They can actually extend down from the top, providing a gap at the bottom, or they can be nearly flush with the surface of the court, extending up nine feet. The preference tends to be a fence screening that starts from the bottom, and goes as high as possible, negating the possibility of under drafts from getting in. If mesh screening is used, this is designed to provide more visibility, is typically darker in color, and is what you will typically see at high schools, colleges and even professional events.

It comes in a couple different colors including blue, black, and dark green and there are also open and closed mesh styles. All of the screens that are produced are fence with the parts that are necessary to install the fence which will include cable clamps, net placing, hog rings, turnbuckles and plastic ties just to make sure it cannot be damaged even during the strongest winds.

You can find most of these for sale on the Internet, with the most affordable being polyester fabric. You can order this online, and have it sent to your location, ready to install. There are some companies that are in heavy competition with others that will offer extreme discounts, especially on products that have recently been discontinued. This allows them to move in additional products, and at the same time, provide you with excellent savings on tennis fence screening that is absolutely essential for tennis courts that are built in the path of the wind.

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February 12, 2021
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